Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Haulotte Group
  • Model Number: 55 XA

Access like never before
Hydraulic outriggers and automatic leveling allow operation in under 30 seconds
High performance 4WD and light weight provide access to places larger and heavier machines cannot go
Easily transported on a trailer with no commercial driver’s license requirement
Dual power source (DC / Gas) allows for indoor/outdoor use
Optimum performance
4,000 Watt generator
Air / water lines to platform
110V GFI protected power to the platform

  • Manufacturer: Genie
  • Model Number: AWP36

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Genie® AWP™ Super Series

Genie® AWP™ Super Series aerial work platforms are an industry favorite due to their ease of use, convenience and flexibility. Their lightweight maneuverability and durable design make them a versatile option for a wide variety of rental, light-duty construction and maintenance applications.


  • Choose from two bases (standard or rough terrain) and four platform options
  • User-friendly ground and platform controls with auxiliary platform lowering
  • A tilt-back frame allows the AWP-36 and AWP-40 to roll through doorways
  • Quick set-up and simple to operate
  • Durable patented Genie® mast system
  • Easy to maneuver around and over obstacles with the Rocker Base System
  • Small outrigger footprint for positioning close to walls
  • Easy loading and transport in pickup trucks
  • Super-Straddle option to work over fixed seating


**Now for sale, call the store for more details** 

  • Manufacturer: Sumner Manufacturing
  • Model Number: 2118

Unmatched as a good all around contractor lift, the Series 2100 features taller mast to reach desired work heights while requiring fewer mast sections. hence, the 2100 is less expensive and lighter. The base, forks, winch, etc. are the same as the 2000.

  • Manufacturer: Bon Tool
  • Model Number: 15-260

A Drywall Panel Lift is used for easy one-man operation to lift drywall boards into place along wall or ceiling.

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0032-086PL

ST-884S-6 Leveling Jack

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0127-006-0

All parts included to construct a 6' H x 28" W x 6' L. Scaffold.

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0026-962

8" Poly Porfiln Caster, Heavy Duty

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0048-26

30" Wide Outrigger

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0054-216

19"x7' WalkBoard, Aluminum/Plywood

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0012-202-07

Side Toeboard, Easi-Guard

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0012-209-07

7' Side Panel Guard Rail, Easi-Guard

  • Manufacturer: Gadsden Scaffold
  • Model Number: 0012-226-05

5' End Panel Guard Rail, Easi-Guard

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 0010-01-07

7' Diagonal Brace, Holed End

  • Manufacturer: Bil-Jax
  • Model Number: 6004-02552

Step Frame, 5W x 5H C-Lock with inserts attached